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16 June 2009 @ 01:11 pm
Kate and James do not eat meat on Mondays  

Kate and James attended the Meat Free Monday launch held at Inn the Park, St James' Park, on June 15, 2009 in London, England.

Sir Paul McCartney was joined by his family and friends as he launched a campaign urging people to go vegetarian once a week to help combat climate change. He wants people to consider giving up meat on Mondays. The aim of the campaign, called Meat Free Monday, is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the world's livestock population, thought to be a major cause of global warming.

Yoko Ono, Kelly Osbourne, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Richard Jones, Moby, Lauren Laverne, and Monty Don also stopped by to lend their support. They all wore pins that say "Meat Free Monday" with a heart in it. I want one. :D

By the way, it's so nice to see that Kate is a friend of the McCartney family.

Click the pictures below to see more pictures of Kate from the event...

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